We Recover Your Hair Line, You Look & Feel Great.

How does it work?

Fibroblast works using an electrical arc to superficially damage the skin. This will immediately cause the loose and wrinkled area to tighten.

But this is only the first stage of the treatment. The body will then generate collagen and elastin fibres to repair the damaged area. These new fibres will help generate new healthy skin that is tight and wrinkle free.

How long will it last I hear you say?
The matrix below shows an example of how over time our skin ages causing the collagen fibre are tight in our younger years but as we get older our skin becomes drier and UV rays and chemicals in the products we use take their toll on the skin.

As with any procedure even surgical, the ageing process will unfortunately continue Fibroblast will not stop this. However if you treat the area well by moisturising and staying away from UV rays the treatment should last you one maybe two years before you are ready for a top up.

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