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The Importance of choosing a licensed practitioner

The Importance of choosing a licensed Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner.

With the noticeable increase in the number of Scalp Micropigmenation Clinics around. I think it can be a good thing as this means an increase in awareness of this fantastic treatment.

However, if you are on the look out for the right person to do your treatment. Dont be afraid to ask the clinics to prove their credentials.

If the practitioner is being honest with you regarding their experience and length of service in the industry then they should have nothing to hide right?

What credentials should my SMP practitioner have?

In a relatively unregulated industry. Its ever more important that you know what questions to ask during your initial consultation. I recently moved premises, which in turn meant that I need a new premises licence. For some people this may seem like a pain in the back side, but for me this the starting point for regulating the industry.

Different local authorities have different legislations so standardisation is very variable. That said, these are the basics that everyone should be adhering to but unfortunately and rather worryingly some clinics do not.

So for my new clinic I welcomed with open arms the involvment of my local Environmental Health Authority. Why would you do this I here you ask? Let me break this down in stages for you…

Involvement at this stage by the EHA means that I dont waste money doing things that I dont need to.

Building a relationship with your local authority means that I have a contact I can go to if I have a question or a problem. Also visa versa, if my local authority have questions they can come to me. They know I am a good trustworthy source of information for them.

But the big thing for me is the little piece of paper you get afterwards. You should be proud to have this and not be afraid to show it off to your clients.

So what should I ask to see?

Training Certifications, Licencing documents issues by the local authority stating that both the practioner and the premises have been approved by them and meet the standards they set to trade. Insurance documents. All practitioners require insurance.

I am proud to display all of these documents at my clinic. So why not come and have a look and have a free consultation whilst you are here.


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