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Hair transplant failed

Hair Transplant I have seen a huge increase in clients who visit me and have had one, two and sometimes three hair transplants but have not gained the density they had hoped for. Obviously, this can be very distressing for someone who has paid a lot of money and gone through multiple surgeries only to… Read more »

Who should I choose to do my Scalp Micropigmentation?

Who should I choose to do my Scalp Micropigmentation? This is a question I get asked quite regularly. Its also a question that I love to get asked. By asking this question it means that you are doing your homework and researching who is a trusted business and practitioner. This isn’t something that should be… Read more »

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course

Accredited Scalp Micropigmentation Training ScalpSolutions.co.uk are now offering bespoke 1:1 training courses. These courses are fully accredited by CPD and are carried out on a 1:1 basis unless a group session is requested by the trainees. Lew Grady will be passing all of his knowledge and experience over to the students on site at his… Read more »

Male Grooming Boom

Male Beauty The UK’s men are starting to look after themselves more and more and this shows no sign of slowing down. Statistics reveal that the male grooming industry is growing year on year. Men who where grilled in the survey stating that they have more products in the bathroom cabinet. When questioned further as… Read more »

Bald Head Jokes. Bad taste or just banter?

Bald jokes! Its an age old joke, in particular between men. I’ve spoken with men who are hardly losing any hair. However a flippant comment from someone has made them paranoid that they need to get there hair sorted before it gets any worse. So, is it acceptable? A recent report from the BBC stated… Read more »

The Importance of choosing a licensed practitioner

The Importance of choosing a licensed Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner. With the noticeable increase in the number of Scalp Micropigmenation Clinics around. I think it can be a good thing as this means an increase in awareness of this fantastic treatment. However, if you are on the look out for the right person to do your… Read more »

Natural hair loss products

Natural Ingredients As more and more people are searching for a natural or holistic approach to treating symptoms of illness and aches and pains. Why should Hair loss be any different? We’ve all seen the information around natural remedies that our ancestors used to treat themselves. Things like CBD oil and the legalisation of these… Read more »

Trichology and SMP

Skin, Hair and Scalp Pigmenation Scalp Micropigmentation technicians need to know more and more about the genetic make up of both skin and hair. This is because not only are scalp conditions becoming more and more common, but they also play a huge part in the result you can expect from your treatment. Imagine an… Read more »

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair Loss a Natural Remedy With more and more people searching for alternative medicine and Holistic therapies not just to treat hair loss but also other symptoms. It’s no wonder we are seeing a cross over from Western Medication to natural historic remedies such as essential oils like peppermint and the subject of this blog… Read more »

Barcelona March 2019

Barcelona Scalp Training. March saw ScalpSolutions visit Barcelona Spain on what will be the first of many treatment workshops and Masterclasses at this location.   The event was held at the amazing Mario Gisbert Academy located in the idyllic Plaza Real just off the famous La Ramblaright in the centre of the city.   The… Read more »