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Anabolic steroids & hair loss

Build muscle and look the best you can.

Okay, so you are clearly the kind of person who looks after themselves and wants to look the best that you can. Many people who either compete in bodybuilding competitions or lift weights as a hobby will at some point use steroids to enhance performance and gain the body they long for. One of the side affects of steroid use can be hair loss.

Hair loss through the use of steroids doesn’t affect all users and will only speed up the process if you already are genetically predisposition to male pattern baldness. So if any family members are bald then this could be a good indication that you too have a good chance of losing your hair.

The way that steroid use does this is by a substance called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that binds to the receptors in the scalps hair follicles causing thinning of the hairline. The bodies natural testosterone gets converted into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by an enzyme called 5 Alpha reductase and the rest is history.

The answer to your prayers.

However, do not fear as scalp pigmentation is the answer. I’ve treated many people who have lost hair through steroid usage and the results are amazing. In my opinion nothing looks more healthy than a great body and a clean fresh looking shaved head.

We can design a hairline that suits your requirements. Whether you are looking for a fresh from the barbershop straight front or a more natural receding look we can help you. As one of only a small number of clinics worldwide who offer both semi-permanent and permanent Scalp Micropigmentation treatments we can complete a bespoke procedure that caters for your exact needs.

No Regrets.

So don’t kick yourself for wanting that dream body so much that you’d do anything to get it, including the use of steroids. We can give you back the hairline that you want, with a quick and relatively pain free procedure. Get in touch for your free no obligation consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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