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Skin Anatomy

How well do you know your skin?

The human skin is the largest organ in the body. It takes up around 16% of our total body weight and measures a staggering 2 square meters.

There are three sections to the skin. The epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The top layer of skin (epidermis) is basically a waterproof cover that helps regulate temperature and protect the lower levels of skin from infection.

Often referrred to as one layer it is actually made up of 5 layers, the lower levels of skin being replenished and fed by the dermis. This is speed up by treatments such as Fibroblast that helps regenerate these fibres.


What about my hair?

Your hair grows at a rate of around 6 to 12 inch’s every year. The average person has around 5 million hair follicles but most people have 100,000 on your head. Obviously unless you are more follically challenged than others.

A single hair follicle is an incredible structure, and much remains to be learned about hair anatomy and its growth. The hair follicle can be divided into 3 regions: the lower segment (bulb and suprabulb), the middle segment (isthmus), and the upper segment (infundibulum).

The lower segment reaches from the bottom of the follicle to the insertion of a muscle (known as the arrector pili muscle). The middle segment is a short section that extends from the insertion of the erector pili muscle to the entrance of the sebaceous gland duct.

As you can detect from this, hair loss is much more complicated than most people realise.

Scalp Micropigmentation only enters the dermal layer by 0.5mm. This is very superficial which of course in turn means very little pain.

In my opinion, all factors considered SMP is the best way to treat hair loss.

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