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I am continuously asked about the best products to use on your head. It could be a bald guy look to moisturise his or her scalp, a person who is thinning and looking to stop any further hair loss or someone who has had scalp Micropigmentation and is looking to look after the area post treatment. Whatever the reason I have some great advice for all!

Scalp condition

Pretty soon Scalpsolutions will be offering creams, gels and ointment that will target your area of concern. We will offer a solution both pre and post treatment.

My focus will be on providing quality products that use natural ingredients. I am a huge believer that everything the human body needs not only to survive but to evolve and protect is available on this earth through natural sources.

What will be available in the online store?

Pre / Post treatments lotion.

This will be a natural oil based lotion that will leave your scalp in fantastic condition. Initial taster sessions with people using this lotion has given amazing feedback after only a few days. They state that the skin is left feeling much softer and looks far more healthier. “ Quenched” was one of my favourite descriptions by one of the trials.

Matifying gel.

This is fantastic after the shave affect for people who wish to remove the shine off of the head. Most people use this for special occasions or even just at the weekends when they are out. This has come about by people concerns that camera flashes or night club lighting can causes a bit of a glare on the head area. This is perfect for that!

Hair loss Shampoo.

Unfortunately there is no shampoo that can bring your hair back available just yet. However if you are worried by the amount of hair loss you have and are looking to put the brakes on and cause a jolt to your hair loss then look no further that the Scalpsolutions specially formulated shampoo.

Beard oil.

This is going to be a flagship product that will Be trialled for popularity. If there is demand for this product it will, like the other products become a mainstay in the store. One thing I can state as a fellow bearded person. I myself have used this product and I cannot go without anymore!

There will of course be more products to come as the store grows but there you just some of these amazing products.

if you have any questions regarding the best solution to your own personal situation. Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for bespoke advice.

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