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Scalp Guru Conference

Two days of shared knowledge

Scalp Guru the worlds largest marketing business for Scalp Micropigmentation invited a select few of the worlds leading Technicians to attend the second conference of this type.

The annual event in its second year was attended by Scalpsolutions Lew Grady who was more than happy to be involved in this ground breaking event.

Day 1 started with a presentation from World leading laser treatment expert Lorena Oberg. Lorena spoke about the different types of pigments that are on the market and how the body breaks them down.

Lorena was followed by several leading experts from around the Globe such as Debbie Clifford of Pigmentalia talking all things Technical. Sharing tips and techniques to get the perfect results for the client.

Day 2 was mainly centred around marketing. When I say marketing you may think I am talking hard sales and graphs and charts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This was around a collaboration of the worlds leading industry minds. A collaboration that will push this industry to the top of the hair loss industry.

This treatment is still in its infancy. There are still too many people who would love to have this treatment but simply do not know it exists. That cannot be acceptable. We must collectively spread the word of this amazing treatment.

So what next for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Industry leaders have all agreed that we must work together to showcase the results that can be achieved when the treatment is carried out by a trained technician. There are far to many horror stories out there that simply don’t reflect the true genius of SMP.

The potential client MUST do their research and find a technician that has a portfolio of work that is their own and is of a great standard. The potential client must also find a technician who they feel good about.

Lets face it. If you trust your gut feeling. You won’t go far wrong. Scalpsolutions believe whole heartedly that an ethical business is a successful business.

Get in touch now for a free no obligation consultation. Discover how scalpsolutions.co.uk can help you today.

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