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A Meeting of Minds

In May some of the most respected technicians and business minds from within the Scalp Micropigmentation Industry got together to forge the way way forward in spreading the word of how incredible this treatment is when completed by someone who is trained and can show photographic evidence of their own good work.
The event was set up by Mr Scalp Guru himself Damien Porter and his lovely wife Gemma Porter. Within a few days what was going to be a small group of people turned into a large gathering from across the globe.
The event held at the Malmaison hotel in Leeds had sold out within days and had respected practitioners from all over Europe the states and as far as Australia.
Titled “The Meeting of the Minds” this truly was an opportunity for all the respected scalp practitioners to get together to share learnings.
With live demonstrations held by Debbie Clifford of Pigmentalia and Paul Clarke of Brandwood Clinic, talks around marketing strategy in terms of communication and a strong majority decision to form a Guild to show which clinics are trusted providers of this treatment. Watch this space for more info on this with Scalp Solutions being heavily involved in the formation of this award.
Overall a great event that brought together some great people who want to improve the lives of people by giving them back their hair.
Next years event is already underway with plans to hold two day events in both Manchester U.K. and Denver USA. Can’t wait!

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