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Hair Loss & Stress

Stress and hair loss.

For many people stress can be a large part of many different types of mental illness. Sleep deprivation, depression and anxiety are all signs of mental illness.

For many people, particularly younger individuals stress can be caused by the loss of their hair at a very early age. This can be in both men and women and although at times can be a result of illness or trauma to the person, mostly it is just something that has been passed down through the gene pool and so is totally out of our control.

Also, if we have had previous issues regarding stress. Hair loss can come because of this stress and can be compounded causing even more hair loss. A vicious circle!

Recent studies have shown that hair loss has a direct impact and people are at greater risk of anxiety and other stress related illnesses when they are losing or have lost their hair.

The amount of people I speak with who have been suffering in silence about their hair loss because they didn’t want to break the taboo by talking about it is huge. I’m sure if your reading this now, either yourself or someone you know can relate to this?

A more common approach to me for Scalp Micropigmenation (SMP) is by a partner or loved one who has been confided in and can’t bear to see their husband, friend or relative go through this anymore.

Depression is becoming more of an open subject with the royal family recently backing a charity to support people and try and get people to speak about it rather than suffer in silence.

In a strange sort of way when people come for SMP its two-fold. Not only are they getting the look of a full head of hair but they are also able to talk openly in confidence to me about the journey they have been on and the stress it has caused. It really is heart breaking to hear some of the story’s. One thing that I can say is that all though it may feel like you are alone you are definitely not!

Stress related illness is a delicate subject and I am obviously by no means saying it all stems from hair loss. However, I would hazard a guess that if you have found yourself reading this blog on my website. Then either you or someone you know and care about could be suffering as a result of losing your hair.

If this is the case? Then I would ask you not to put it off, but to get in touch. A consultation is totally free and discrete. Confidentiality is really important to me and so if this is what is stopping you please don’t let it.

I have had clients who are desperate to show off their new hair line and to the other extreme clients who don’t want anyone even their closest family friends to know. Either of these options are catered for at www.scalpsolutions.co.uk.

For more information please get in touch by whichever means best suits. I am also available through my Facebook page, www.facebook.co.uk/scalpsolutions.co.uk.

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