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Men looking good

Male Beauty

The UK’s men are starting to look after themselves more and more and this shows no sign of slowing down.

Statistics reveal that the male grooming industry is growing year on year. Men who where grilled in the survey stating that they have more products in the bathroom cabinet.

When questioned further as to why they invest in so many products, 44% revealed that they simply wanted to look their best. 32% revealed that their partners encouraged them and 13% claimed that they were inspired by celebrities and the popularity of reality TV shows such as Love Island.

The Male grooming market has changed dramatically in recent years. Looking good and feel good tends to be the general feeling amongst men. Gym memberships are as popular as they have ever been with personal training industry also benefiting from the surge.

It is easy to see that men have become more interested in taking care of their appearance than ever before and why not. It’s not just the male grooming market that is booming. More and more men are taking the plunge with aesthetic procedures such as Scalp Pigmentation, Micro needling, Mesotherapy and other skin treatments.

Luckily for our patients we offer all the above treatments as well as Plasma Skin Tightening.

Lew Grady

Lew Grady at work delivering great results for men and women.

Based in the north west of the UK we are easily assessable and have current patients from as far as Dubai.

Lew Grady the founder and practioner at Scalp Solutions has worked with both patients and practioner’s from across Europe. Lew also works with some of the most recognised medical professional to ensure that you are getting the most suitable bespoke treatment for your requirements.

So, with the growth of the male grooming industry, don’t get left behind. Get in touch now and find out what we can do for you. You will speak with Lew directly and everything is done in total confidence.

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