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Life Changing Hair Simulation with Tricopigmentation

Scalp Tricopigmentation Treatment For Hair Loss, Safe Follicle Simulation, Alternative to Permanent Tattooing

The problem of hair loss is often overlooked and accepted as normal, but for the person losing their hair there can be considerable loss of self confidence. It can be fairly devastating to notice a receding hairline or increasing baldness at the top of the head, which sometimes starts in the mid teens. There are various potions and processes which claim to reduce balding, and others to replace lost hair, all of which have had different rates of success.

One of the most effective methods of counteracting the appearance of balding, and one which is gaining widespread popularity is a procedure called Tricopigmentation. This involves the application of thousands of tiny pigment deposits to the upper dermis of the scalp. Using this ground breaking technique, practitioners are able to produce incredibly realistic results. Each deposit works to create the illusion of a full head of shaved hair, whatever the amount of hair loss. It can also be used where hair is thinning or patchy to perfectly simulate or mimic thicker hair. Even a completely bald head will benefit from professional Tricopigmentation by a highly trained technician, giving the amazing illusion of realistic hair stubble.

Temporary pigments are used that last up to 2 years, after which time they can be redesigned and modified as desired. The process allows people to ‘try out’ the look before deciding to move forward to the more permanent Micropigmentation. The non invasive technique can effortlessly disguise the occurrence of baldness and take years off your appearance.

Balding and thinning hair are key aspects when it comes to compromised enjoyment of life for many, chronic pain is another area which can have a significantly negative impact on life quality. Research indicates that around 50% of the population are coping with long term chronic pain on a daily basis. Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre, are specialists in diagnosing and treating the causes of chronic pain, with a tailored, hands on approach. Give them a call on (0191) 252 1555.


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