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Call it what you want?

Which should I choose?

It’s a question I often get asked about both Scalp Micropigmentation and Skin tightening treatments.

The answer? Don’t look at the fancy name. I could call my treatment “The Phoenix of the greatest and most spectacular” So would you choose to come to me for your treatment if I did?

Ok so I might be a little tongue in cheek, but the feedback I get from clients is signalling to me  that this is exactly what people are doing.

All the gear no idea!

I’m sure that you’ve heard this phrase coined before? Well it works perfectly fine to describe my intentions for this blog post.

Picture this! I’ve been out and bought myself the best pair of ballet shoes that money can buy. I mean these things are the envy of the whole Royal ballet institute. As I sit down in the shop and lace them up a small crowd gathers around me, waiting with baited breath.

I stand up puff out my chest and ………

You guessed it. I’m still an absolutely shocking dancer. You could use this idea and apply it to anything  sports, hobbies, cooking with the best set of pans, anything.

Shut up and get to the point Lew!

Ok I will. Stop getting hung up on the name of the treatment. It means nothing! There I said it!

What you want to do is speak with the person who will be carrying out your treatment. Ask them questions, look into their eyes and get a feel for them as a person. Are they ethically sound? Can they answer your questions or do they appear to not know the basics?

Look at their work. If they’re good they should be proud to show off the improvements they have made to people’s lives, I know I am!

In a nut shell. Dont be fooled by someone who may have been in the beauty industry for years but in terms of the actual treatment that you are asking them to carry out for you. Has very little experience.

We all have to start somewhere, but they should be open and honest in the fact that they are new and the prices should reflect the fact that they are trying to build a portfolio of work.

Do your homework people!


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