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Hair transplant failed

Hair Transplant

I have seen a huge increase in clients who visit me and have had one, two and sometimes three hair transplants but have not gained the density they had hoped for.

Obviously, this can be very distressing for someone who has paid a lot of money and gone through multiple surgeries only to be left still wanting.

The problem comes when the donor hair that is taken from the back and sides of the head has been harvested to its maximum and any further surgery would cause this are to look thin and scarring visible.

Failed Hair Transplant

Density added to thin Hair Transplant

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

This is where SMP fits in nicely. With Scalp Micropigmentation we can camouflage the skin that is visible through the thin hair. From a distance this just looks like a thicker mane of hair. Close up you will just see the tiny little hair follicle replications.

Transplant scars.

Whilst we are doing the top we may as well sort those scars out, right? Scars can be difficult to the untrained practitioner. They can not hold the pigment or even worse turn too dark. But do not worry. Lew has treated many of FUE and FUT hair transplant scars over the years with some amazing results.

Shaving your head.

Of course, some people just say, “what the hell” and decide to shave down. Again, this is not a problem. Lew can help blend into the transplanted hairs and cover those unwanted scars.

Free Consultation.

If you would like to know more, why not give Lew a call 07718493674 ? We can either arrange for you to visit the clinic or have a good chat over the phone and guide you through what would be the best options for your personal requirements.




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