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Hair systems and wigs

Hair systems and wigs

Male wigs have been around for what seems like forever. But they have come on leaps and bounds since the old days. So what exactly are they?

Wearing a hair system can solve your loss problems fast. But knowing what it is and where to go to get one fitted is often very difficult for people on the lookout for a quick fix.

You can call them whatever you like but  the principle is always the same: synthetic or normally these days human fibres attached to a base, the base then attached in some manner to the bald or balding scalp. This is done either by attaching to the sparse hair that is hanging on in there or by glue. High quality hair systems or wigs are handmade one at a time, to fit the clients head like a glove. The person fitting the hair system should be fully trained and in a position to measure your head perfectly using set points on the scull.

Fitting a hair system.

Like with anything choose your hair system fitter carefully. Prices can vary significantly but don’t think just because you’ve paid more that you are guaranteed a better end result.

Check out the reviews! This is always a good way to get a feel for the persons skills and ethics.

The person fitting your hair system should be fully qualified and insured. They should display these documents in there salon and should bel knowledgeable enough to answer any questions you have.

The last thing you want is for thi sperson to damage any remaining hair or you scalp skin.

Once the hair system is either glued or attached to the head. It is basically a case of just cutting the hair style you require. Again this will have been pre-discussed at the consultation stage with you.

How do I find someone trustworthy in the North West uk?


Get in touch with us here at Scalpsolutions and we will help you make the best choice for your personal requirements. No two people are the same and a bespoke treatment is what you should be demanding.

We will take you through each step and even come with you for the treatment if it makes you feel more comfortable. You can’t beat a bit of moral support!

Maybe you’ve had one fitted for years and are looking for other options? Likewise, get in touch and we can take you through your treatment options bespoke for your requirements.

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