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Scalp disguise

Micropigmentation as an alternative to Toppik

Toppik is a system of hair substitution; it is a type of make-up for the hair that achieves to create an optical illusion, providing more hair density for the scalp.

Some people become obsessive and can at times use far too many of these types of products. This can lead to them not to have a very natural appearance which defeats the whole objective.

At What Cost?

Then there are the costs involved. The average price of a Toppik type product can vary between, £30 to £150 per bottle. These bottles will last on average approximately 45 days. This can be a false economy when you consider the one off cost of Scalp Micropigmentation and then the top up sessions to keep your head looking fresh like you have just walked from the barbershop.

Many clients are happy just to put up with the results that they get with this hair make-up. However, others don’t like the limitations it has. When they want to do certain activities, such as going to the swimming pool or the beach or practising sports, being exposed to rain or wind can leave you feeling embarrassed or rushing off home very quickly before anyone notices. Toppik can leave marks on clothing and on bedding and requires constant application.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Those that are not satisfied or are looking to be able to relax and not have to worry can find an alternative in scalp pigmentation: a semi-permanent hair solution provides you with the freedom to do any kind of activity and does not require daily application. The possibility of seeing yourself with a great natural looking hairline and a look you would like to have as soon as you wake up in the morning. Now you can know that hair loss need not be a worry anymore.



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