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Hair loss products

Hair loss products

Hair loss is big industry, That is why there are so many avenues available to people searching for the magic lotion.

Obviously you have other ways of hiding your balding head. Wigs, toupees, hair transplants and of course scalp Micropigmentation. However even with these other solutions I have lost count of how many times I have had customers who say they use topical hair loss products.

Like the picture below, this gentleman wore a wig for many years before he got sick of the restrictions it gave him. This meant he had to make the brave decision to shave his side hair and get Scalpsolutions.co.uk to give him a new fresh looking hairline.

So what hair products are out there?

Depending in several factors there are products to suit all requirements. There are mascara type products for people who want to darken and highlight the few strands of hair that are hanging on in there.

There are topical fibres for people who want to give the illusion of a thick more dense head of hair. Of course we still have the people who hang on and comb over from the side to try and make everyone think they have a side parting.

Then of course you have all the medications and herbal remedies that claim to make you’re hair grow back. Although I am yet to witness or speak to anyone who has successfully grown back there hair using these products.

What do all of these hair loss products have in common?

Quite simply, they all have restrictions.

Wear a wig? You can’t go diving in the swimming pool on holiday unless you want to scare all the children out the water by letting them think a hairy animal has dove in.

Mascara or topical fibres? Well you better hope it does rain or be too windy. Or even worse if you get lucky with your date and wake up next to them for the first time to find the pillow covered in your hair product.

Medication? Like I say I am yet to see one that actually works long term but I do know people who have suffered with libido issues after taking them.

So stop waiting and putting it off!

Scalp Micropigmentaion is the only treatment that offers real results without any concerns post treatment. You will have a new hair line and look as though it was your choice to shave it!

A client of mine told me recently that whilst out for a beer having some banter with the lads. His mates where taking the piss out of a friend for being bald. The friend turned around to my client and said just that. “Well you choose to shave your head so it must look good being bald “

my client just smiled inside knowing that he is actually bald and didn’t choose to shave, he chose to get Scalp Micropigmentation completed.

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