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A Scalp tattoo that doesn't have to be for life.

A Scalp Tattoo that doesn’t have to be for life.

The main reason why people decide not to go ahead with scalp pigmentation is due to concerns around “I’m stuck with it forever once I’ve had it done”.

To some extent this is accurate however, with Tricopigmentation offered by Scalp Solutions, we offer a truly semi permanent treatment. So what does this mean?
Over a period of around two years, our pigments are dissolved by the body’s immune system – disappearing without a trace. Why is this important?

A hairline that is age appropriate.

Every face is different. No face is perfectly symmetrical. There are set measurements that guide the technician when drawing on the hairline before agreeing the precise treatment with the client. However, that is all these measurements are “a guide”.
As we get older our facial features will change due to the loss of muscle mass. So, a defined hairline may look great on a young guy but what happens when he gets older and his face, hair colour and style changes?


A safe way to have the hair you really want.

With the treatments we offer at Scalp Solutions, the hairline can be adjusted with regular top ups. We can adjust the position of the hairline to suit your changing facial features enabling you to retain a truly realistic look for your age. Then as the years go by and if you decided that even having a hairline is no longer important to you, you can simply just let it fade away. This is why the treatment we offer is the safest and most versatile form of scalp tattoo.

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