We Recover Your Hair Line, You Look & Feel Great.

Confidence regained

The reward of regaining confidence.

So why do I love my job? In a word “Reward”!

When I see the difference I can make to people’s lives it really and truly is the most rewarding job in the world. People walk in the door with very little confidence and leave full of confidence.
So throw away those hats and caps you don’t need them anymore!

What is it?

Tricopigmentation is a semi permanent scalp hair follicle simulation treatment that lasts for around two years. After which time it will fade away and completely disappear leaving no traces or discolouration on the head. Meaning no requirement for costly and painful laser treatment. Alternatively it can be maintained using top up sessions to either keep it looking fresh or to adjust the hairline to suit as you age and facial features change.

How can I help?

The treatments I offer are densification for those who are hanging on to their hair and not yet ready to shave it off. This darkens the scalp in the areas of hair loss to lessen the obvious bald patches. This is popular with people who have had transplants but hair is still sparse. I can also cover the scars left by transplants or other traumas.
The other treatment I offer is the shaved effect. This really is fantastic and gives ultra realistic results of individual hair follicles.
The treatment is open to both men and women and the feedback from clients is really rewarding as it changes their lives giving them confidence they thought they would never get back.
I really believe that this is the safest form of scalp pigmentation due to the fact it will fade and can be adjusted to suit the ageing face or left to disappear if the client wishes.

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