We Recover Your Hair Line, You Look & Feel Great.

Scalp Tricopigmentation could be the answer.

Hair Transplant may not be the answer.

Sometimes people don’t know which way to turn? Hair transplants costing a lot of money and spending a fortune on tonnes of hair products like topical solutions, medications, hair fibres and tablets etc but you are still at rock bottom as far as your confidence goes and the root of the problem is always your hair.

A head tattoo with a difference.

You’re trying to build up the courage to tell someone, perhaps a partner or loved one about the way you feel. Most people think its normal for men to lose their hair and that its not really an issue, just accept it. Its only through truly understanding how someone feels can you think how it would affect you if it you losing your hair. They can tell you till they’re blue in the face that it’s not that bad but you’ll never listen, It has completely consumed you and ruined any self esteem or confidence you ever had.

New hair, new found confidence.

If your out with friends and someone comments on your appearance or someone else’s, you immediately think it’s your hair they will be commenting on next. Anxiety will then kick in and you make up some random excuse and leave or do the complete opposite and get really drunk so that you’re less bothered if anyone does take the mick out of you.

The safest way to treat hair loss.

This type of procedure is something that you’ve been thinking about for a while or maybe you have stumbled across it but you’re not sure if it will be right for you after trying so many different things.
You should make an informed decision. Read through the ScalpSolutions website and Facebook page. Contact me for a confidential consultation. This could be the answer? You don’t have to accept it. Get in touch to see if I can help?

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