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Hair Loss Products

Micropigmentation as an alternative to Toppik Toppik is a system of hair substitution; it is a type of make-up for the hair that achieves to create an optical illusion, providing more hair density for the scalp. Some people become obsessive and can at times use far too many of these types of products. This can lead… Read more »

Hair Industry

Scalp Micropigmentation is the way forward. There is a new and innovative treatment breaking through into the hair loss industry. With 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, 65% by the age of 60 and 80% by the age 80? But it isn’t only men who are affected by hair… Read more »

Life Changing Hair Simulation with Tricopigmentation

Scalp Tricopigmentation Treatment For Hair Loss, Safe Follicle Simulation, Alternative to Permanent Tattooing The problem of hair loss is often overlooked and accepted as normal, but for the person losing their hair there can be considerable loss of self confidence. It can be fairly devastating to notice a receding hairline or increasing baldness at the… Read more »


The reward of regaining confidence. So why do I love my job? In a word “Reward”! When I see the difference I can make to people’s lives it really and truly is the most rewarding job in the world. People walk in the door with very little confidence and leave full of confidence. So throw… Read more »

Change your life.

Hair Transplant may not be the answer. Sometimes people don’t know which way to turn? Hair transplants costing a lot of money and spending a fortune on tonnes of hair products like topical solutions, medications, hair fibres and tablets etc but you are still at rock bottom as far as your confidence goes and the… Read more »

Grow Old Realistically!

A Scalp Tattoo that doesn’t have to be for life. The main reason why people decide not to go ahead with scalp pigmentation is due to concerns around “I’m stuck with it forever once I’ve had it done”. To some extent this is accurate however, with Tricopigmentation offered by Scalp Solutions, we offer a truly… Read more »

Scalp Pigmentation – Your Options

Scalp Pigmentation – Your Options Types of Scalp Pigmentation So many people I speak with tell me that they have considered scalp treatment before. It is not until I start to dig a little deeper by asking questions that I realise they could have quite easily made an ill-informed decision. For many people this is… Read more »

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