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Skin Anatomy

How well do you know your skin? The human skin is the largest organ in the body. It takes up around 16% of our total body weight and measures a staggering 2 square meters. There are three sections to the skin. The epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The top layer of skin (epidermis) is… Read more »

Skin treatments for men. Being a man myself. I know that it is only a small minority who feel confident enough to not only walk in to a clinic to have a treatment done but to even pick up the phone to arrange the initial consultation. I also know through again being a man myself,… Read more »

Scalpsolutions Store

Hair loss Products I am continuously asked about the best products to use on your head. It could be a bald guy look to moisturise his or her scalp, a person who is thinning and looking to stop any further hair loss or someone who has had scalp Micropigmentation and is looking to look after… Read more »

It’s all the same to me!

Which should I choose? It’s a question I often get asked about both Scalp Micropigmentation and Skin tightening treatments. The answer? Don’t look at the fancy name. I could call my treatment “The Phoenix of the greatest and most spectacular” So would you choose to come to me for your treatment if I did? Ok… Read more »

Certified and Verified

Scalpsolutions are verified across various respected websites, as being one of the best clinics within the SMP industry. Below are links to some of those sites…. Scalp Tricopigmentation and Micropigmentation   http://www.pigmentalia.co.uk/scalp-micropigmentation-technicians/lewis-grady%7E860   Wigan    

Perfect Gift

Perfect Gift for a Loved one! So your thinking what you can get your loved one for that special birthday or Christmas? You know that their hair loss has always been a big issue for them. Holding them back from being confident and care free. So what do you do? A new shirt? Pair of… Read more »

Barbershop Bonanza

Male Grooming With anyone who walks down the high street able to see. There is a significant growth in number of barbershops popping up. But what does this mean? What has caused this boom? Like all fashion, things will come and go. Barbershops used to be a place that men would go for some man… Read more »

Choose wisely

Which Scalp Micropigmentation? This is probably one of the toughest decisions your likely to make. Trying to balance the best value for your money. The most expensive isn’t always the best and the least expensive isn’t always going to be the worst. So go middle ground right? Nope sorry that doesn’t work either. The only… Read more »

Hair Transplant alternative

There is an alternative to a transplant! Many people suffering from hair loss are looking for what they think is the only option to regain the look of a fuller head of hair, a hair transplant. However, there is an alternative Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation (SMP). SMP is a non-surgical alternative that is  far less… Read more »

Mental Health issues relating to hair loss.

Stress and hair loss. For many people stress can be a large part of many different types of mental illness. Sleep deprivation, depression and anxiety are all signs of mental illness. For many people, particularly younger individuals stress can be caused by the loss of their hair at a very early age. This can be… Read more »