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Barcelona Scalp Training.

March saw ScalpSolutions visit Barcelona Spain on what will be the first of many treatment workshops and Masterclasses at this location.


The event was held at the amazing Mario Gisbert Academy located in the idyllic Plaza Real just off the famous La Ramblaright in the centre of the city.


The event was held over the weekend of March 9th and 10th with students coming from around the world to be a part of this amazing training.


Saturday was a theory class based around a PowerPoint presentation covering off topics such as the correct techniques used to create ultra-realistic hair follicle simulation. Student got to watch videos and see pictures of how this is done.


Sunday was much more of a hands on day. Students firstly used paper and pens to design the hair line on a picture of a male head with male pattern baldness. The theory of this being covered off the day before.


After this, once the students gained some confidence. They then moved on to mannequin heads. Again the students drew on the hair lines using to calculations they had been shown what to do previously.


Once the students felt like they could do this they then began to draw the dots on to the mannequin head. I think generally people realised at this stage that this skill is not an easy one. It was frustrating at times for some students but they had full support of Lew Grady and Mario Gisbert to guide them should they encounter any difficulties.


After lunch the real fun began with students getting out their machines and practicing their new skills on latex skin.


This was the most enjoyable part for me personally. This is when we can really get hands on and try out the equipment and the new skills that everyone has learned.


Overall this was a great experience for everyone and was received really well by the students. I’m really looking forward to the next one.


Barcelona Scalp Pigmentation Treatments


Once the Masterclass had finished it was time to get stuck in to some treatments. With a full range of patients, from hair transplant patients looking for more density to shaven affect patients looking for a cool buzz cut and also a gentlemen with thinning hair just wanting to give the appearance of more fuller head of hair.


The next event is being held in May. Whether you are a student or someone looking to have the treatment done this is a great place to come.


Treatments are carried out by Lew Grady so you won’t have to worry about the standard of work.


What better way to have the treatment done than go away on holiday and return looking brand new. It never seizes to amaze me how much younger a fresher people look with a new hairline to frame their face.


Or are you someone looking to get involved in SMP? Then why not get in touch to find out what we offer? You could combine your training with taking in some of the amazing attractions this city has to offer. Great food, great wine, great weather and great people. And come back with a nice new certificate to show off.  What more could you ask for?


Get in touch for more information

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