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Barbershop Bonanza

Male Grooming

With anyone who walks down the high street able to see. There is a significant growth in number of barbershops popping up. But what does this mean? What has caused this boom?

Like all fashion, things will come and go. Barbershops used to be a place that men would go for some man on man talk away from the other half. Even further back the barbershop was used for blood letting. Hence the reason for the barbers pole outside of the shop. The colours signifying the bloody tissues that would be strewn all over the barbershop floor.

Recent history 1980’s and 1990’s saw the barbershop being considered dated and a place for old men to go for a savage short back and sides. Bring that right up to today and we have seen a significant growth in the demand for a great barbershop who can give men a bit of good old TLC!

Some could consider the growth (excuse the pun) of the beard being fashionable again? Maybe this has something to do with it, maybe not? One things for sure, you cant beat that feeling of walking out of the barbershop with a fresh cut to both hair and beard. The cut throat shave a personal favourite of mine.

So What has caused this resurrection of the Barbershop?

To put it quite simply, men just want to look the best they can! Long gone are the days when women would be the only ones who would go for a little bit of pampering. Male grooming is booming! From teeth whitening to laser hair removal on the chest and the growth of gyms everyone is wanting to look good and I’m all for it!

Even the TV channels are cashing in on it. With reality programs such as Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex playing a huge part in the growth of the industry.

So where does SMP fit in to all of this?

The answer is described above. People want to look good these days. They don’t want to be the one who’s described by the person who cant remember anyone’s name as “him with the bald head”. They want to be the guy with the shaved head. The guy who’s looking a lot younger these days. The guy who is looking really well.

So if you fall into any of the above category’s then don’t hang around tyre kicking. Get yourself over to ScalpSolutions.co.uk for your free, no obligation totally confidential consultation and see what we can do for you.

Really, What are you waiting for???

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