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Bald Head Jokes. Bad taste or just banter?

Bald jokes!

Its an age old joke, in particular between men. I’ve spoken with men who are hardly losing any hair. However a flippant comment from someone has made them paranoid that they need to get there hair sorted before it gets any worse.

So, is it acceptable?

A recent report from the BBC stated that several complaints had been received regarding a comment on the football show Match of the day from presenter Gary Lineker


During my consultations I always ask the question. “On a scale of 1 – 10, how much does your hair loss bother you? 1 being hardly not at all and 10 being suicidal about it.

Gary Lineler, Alan Shearer, Danny Murphy

Gary’s Joke upset some viewers

A strange question some might say, given the fact that this person is actually at my clinic in the first place. But, the reality is that it really does bother people in different ways.

I get people who had never really thought about their hair loss before but they had seen a promotion from me and though wow that looks awesome. They’ve been that intrigued that they simply wanted to know more about the treatment. So they booked a free consultation.

On the other end of the scale. I get people who’s lives are actually being ruined by being bald. They cant go out for a drink with friends because they are so paranoid that people are looking at them and that they are the butt of everyone’s jokes.

Facebook don’t like it!

I’ve found that Facebook wont let me promote images of my before and after photographs. They state that this is due to the fact that some people may find this offensive. Is there a difference between this and the many images that pop up on my Facebook page from gyms who’s clients have shed 3 stones in 12 weeks ?

So maybe its as simple as, some people are more sensitive about their hair loss than others? Whichever you are. Be it a 1 or a 10 on the scale you should get in touch to find out what I can do for you? Its free and there is no hard sale its more of a confidential chat.

So why wait get in touch now!

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