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It’s for men as well!

Skin treatments for men.

Being a man myself. I know that it is only a small minority who feel confident enough to not only walk in to a clinic to have a treatment done but to even pick up the phone to arrange the initial consultation.

I also know through again being a man myself, that it’s not only women who get self conscious about the way they look.

Things have changed over many, many years and we are slowly getting to a stage whereby it is acceptable to have a male cosmetic or aesthetic treatment. As more and more celebrities and sportsmen are open about having these treatments, so fall away all the Stigma that surround them. And good riddance!

The step change.

Over the years I have seen more of a change in the way men look after themselves. The boom has been a phenomena in terms of the strop change. I remember the days when the only option for men would be to visit the same salons as women to get their hair cut, let alone a cut throat shave. But here we are and there are more barbershops than hairdressers in some areas.

Men are starting to take pride in there appearances. It used to be the case that if a man had a complex about something they would rather just put up with it than suffer the barrage of banter from the boys if they’d let it slip that they had actually done something about it.

Do something about it!

So, if you do have something that’s knocking your self confidence then why wouldn’t you want to sort it out?

Like I said at the very beginning of this blog. I’m a man, I know exactly what your concerns are. In my work I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum in terms of the depressed person who can sometimes turn up. To the confident man who leaves my clinic.

And likewise, even if you aren’t particularly bothered about your hair loss or baggy under eyes but just think you know what, I’m going to do something for me for a change. Treat yourself!

Whatever the situation please don’t feel like there’s no point. Drop me a message by text or messenger or even give me call for a good old fashioned chat. We can get it sorted!

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