We Recover Your Hair Line, You Look & Feel Great.

The First steps

So your not bothered about your hair loss?

To set the scene…..

There you are minding your own business sat on the sofa having a beer, the Mrs is flicking through Facebook all is well in the world.

Then she has to go and spoil it! “Have you seen this? You should have this done?

She rams the phone under your nose so that you have no choice but to look. After all the sooner you acknowledge what she is on about the sooner you can get back to watching the Boxing. Just as your about to fob her off with the standard “oh yeah” comment you notice two pictures one of a bald guy and another of what appears to be the same guy but with a fantastic looking hair line?

How can this be you think? But you don’t want to show too much enthusiasm just in-case she’s having you on. What is it you ask?

“Its like a tattoo” she says unknowingly.

Let Me Explain What Scalp Micropigmenation (SMP) is in More Detail…

The Mrs somewhat naively, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

SMP is a hair follicle simulation process. OK I will cut the BS big words.  I basically implant a small amount of bespoke pigment specifically designed for this treatment (not tattoo ink) in to the top layer of skin on the scalp. This is done, again using a bespoke piece of equipment (not a tattoo machine).

The results are amazing and are not noticeable to the untrained eye. The treatment is virtually pain and hassle free.

The reason I made a very strong point of this not being a tattoo or anything like a tattoo is for many reasons.

  1. SMP carried out by Scalp Solutions is totally semi permanent and will totally fade away if left without a top up. There will be no trace that you’ve ever had it done after around 2 to 3 years. However experience tells me you wont want to let it go once you see the results.
  2. The pigment will not discolour like a tattoo. This is not Indian tattoo ink. This is specifically manufactured using EU quality regulations to ensure it is safe and does exactly what it is supposed to do, SMP.
  3. The equipment is again specifically designed for SMP not tattooing. I cant tattoo with it so don’t ask 🙂 and your local tattooist cant carry out successful treatments with their machine.
  4. I have been trained by one of the worlds best. I work with quality in mind from all aspects. Safety of the client, Ethically doing the right thing and personally in transforming peoples lives. This is the most rewarddin job on the planet. To see the difference I can make to peoples live is incredible.

So in a nut shell. Don’t put it off and get back to watching the game. Do something about it. I offer a free no obligation consultation. I’m a normal guy so don’t be shy get in touch and let me take you through the process.

Trust me you will not regret it! Why not look the best you can be!

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